I’m A Guest On Local Podcast: 2 Weird Hungry Girls

…and the subject is vegan Thanksgiving!

I was delighted when Phoebe Canakis and Tracy Beaky recently asked me back to 2 Weird Hungry Girls, THE Lancaster Berks food and lifestyle podcast, to discuss how to be a gracious host and guest at any vegan Thanksgiving dinner. What to serve? What to bring? What to talk about? If you’re vegan and would like ideas OR if you’re not vegan but you’re–ugh–hosting one at dinner, please give us a listen!

For my episode, please visit To Stuff or Not to Stuff, A Vegan Holiday, which is always available through Phoebe’s website, Phoebe’s Pure Foods under the “Podcast” tab.

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This episode features local Thanksgiving staple and side dish, Potato Filling, which is traditionally made, in addition to potatoes, bread cubes, milk, parsley, celery and onions, with A LOT of eggs and butter, although I’ve seen recipes without eggs too. Originally a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, it CAN be made vegan, and the result is just as dense and delicious as any Potato Filling I’ve ever tasted! See how; my recipe is here.


Photo from Vegetarian Times

We also sampled seitan, which is a meat substitute made with vital wheat gluten. You can purchase vital wheat gluten in the health-food section of grocery stores and most health-food stores. It comes in a bag, as flour would, and, in fact, has the texture of fine flour. Bakers use it to condition their bread flours, but vegans use it to make seitan, which is a bit of a mystery to most newcomers. I followed this recipe for Holiday Seitan Roast from the most recent issue of Vegetarian Times. Learn for yourself how it comes together.

IMG_6523Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without pie. I mentioned I’d be making a vegan version of pecan pie, and that’s exactly what I did. What a decadent treat. Topped with whipped coconut cream, this is worth saving room for!

In the coming days, I’ll experiment with vegan pumpkin pie, but not before I work off pounds from the pecan pie.

Oh forget it! Who am I kidding? I’m waiting until January for the woking-it-off part. Or maybe spring. It’s time for celebration, and I’m breaking out my eatin’ pants! Thanks to Phoebe and Tracy for hosting me.

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