The French Fries of West Reading PART THREE: Papillon Brasserie

My fun, frolicsome and fair friend, Clare and I advanced dans la rue for our third foray into the french fries of West Reading, this time stopping at Papillon Brasserie at 615 Penn Avenue. Oh, it was no ordinary french fries for us today! It was “pommes frites,” which is French for, “Don’t forget the champagne!”



We walked in and plunked down our bottle. Listen, it’s BYOB, and we do what we’re told! If it says “Bring Your Own Bottle,” we feel obliged!


A moment later, Chef arrived table-side to pop the cork and pour the bubbly.


We do enjoy a champagne lunch!


Pommes frites!


One of the things I enjoy about Papillon is that Chef buys his vegetables locally from B&H Organic Produce, Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Asked what kind of potato he uses for his frites, Chef answered he experimented with several varieties, but eventually settled on a certain potato that produces the best result. He and Erica from B&H simply call them the pommes frites potatoes. If there’s a formal name for the variety, he doesn’t know.


Clare notes, and I agree, the frites are best when they first come out piping hot and crispy! They disappear quickly. (Cooked in peanut oil, they ARE vegan!)


Chef is always a blur, cooking and tending to us at the same time!


I asked what special vegetable was on the menu today, and he presented bouillabaisse with fennel on top and around the sides:


Look at the beautiful little baby fennel topping things off:


It was a cold, damp day in West Reading, so Clare ordered macaroni and cheese, which is prepared with special French cheeses, I’m sure!


It’s a good way to spend a lunch hour; I really could not recommend it more highly!

The French Fries of West Reading PART TWO: West Reading Tavern

Today my fun and frolicsome friend Clare and I continued our french fry adventure through West Reading, Pennsylvania.

(As a refresher, please see The French Fries of West Reading PART ONE: Say Cheese!)

By the way, we were delighted to be mentioned in The Reading Eagle newspaper: “A blogger begins a survey of West Reading french fries.”


We can discuss the restrooms another time ;)

That makes us feel as though we’re official and not just two knuckleheads going around eating french fries all over the place!

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Creamy Mushroom Tagliatelle (Vegan)

Is it just me or have you noticed a lot of tagliatelle on restaurant menus and on blogs lately?

It’s a THING!


For those of you not up on your pasta shapes, tagliatelle pasta pieces are long, flat ribbons similar in shape to fettuccine, maybe a little wider. It can be served with a variety of sauces, though the classic is a meat sauce or Bolognese. I thought a creamy mushroom sauce would work well, so I whipped up the following recipe using no oil and no added fat other than fat from the almond milk. The result was creamy, warm and satisfying!


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The French Fries Of West Reading PART ONE: Say Cheese!

My fun friend Clare and I decided to immerse ourselves in a very important topic.

(We are not ones to sit by and let important topics pass us by without immersion. That’s just how we are!)

What “important topic” am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about french fries, of course!

In America, french fries represent one of the four major food groups: French Fries, Hamburgers, Pizza and Macaroni and Cheese. If you were to build a pyramid out of these food groups, french fries would represent the wide base at the bottom. They are the underpinning of American nutrition. We know this isn’t the BEST thing, but it’s OUR thing. And SO WHAT if we can’t fit in one plane seat!? They made the arm rest between seats to flip up for a REASON. (So we can spread out over TWO seats!) And SO WHAT if there’s a person sitting in that other seat!? (That person needs to eat more french fries and to stop being such a skinny show-off sitting in the middle seat like that! Sheesh.)

In any case, Clare and I set out to uncover the rich variety of french fries that exist in our very own back yard of West Reading, Pennsylvania. By “uncover” I mean to eat (and to photograph):


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No Barking At Other Barking Dogs!

I tell my dogs to stop barking about a thousand times a day. They bark at all different things, but most often they are barking at other barking dogs.

I want them to stop, but they don’t listen to me. I tell them:

Do not bark at the mailman.
Do not bark at the imaginary squirrels.
And especially, do not bark at the other dogs in the neighborhood just because they are also barking.

My dogs are poor listeners.


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Candy Apple Spice Cake for Cinergi Salon/Spa


While everyone else is turning attention toward pumpkin, I am keeping my eye on those fall apples! I wanted to bake a cake. Unfortunately, with no kids at home, I have no one around to eat it up! I decided to deliver a cake to my favorite local spa, Cinergi Salon/Spa of Wyomissing. Cinergi is sort of like my second home. Where do you think I get my “all natural” blond hair? And my “all natural” clear skin? And my “all natural” manicured nails? (It takes a village.)

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Vegan Minestrone Soup (with a side of Geology)

What do Vegan Minestrone Soup and Geology have in common?

Here’s the long answer.

As new empty nesters, Pete and I were able to take our first kid-free, week-long vacation in I’m not sure how long.


A long time.

We headed to Sedona Arizona, a nice little six-hour plane ride plus two-hour car ride from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and well worth the time. This was our second trip to Sedona, having taken our two kids there about ten years ago when they were nine and eleven years old at the suggestion of my sister-in-law, Janet. It’s a fun destination for kids of that age, and it’s a fun destination for couples too. We saw it the first time and vowed to return.

Sedona is located in the north central area of Arizona, south of the Colorado Plateau into which the Grand Canyon is carved. Sedona is, of course, known as “Red Rock Country.”

I mean, you know, because it’s where you see the red rocks.


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